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Narconon Drug Education, Thursday Apr 26th

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News in Narconon Drug Education

The Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Programme

Theory and Background: Illicit drug and alcohol use is a fact of life in today’s society. To use or not to use such substances is a decision which all

History of Narconon

Today, the Narconon programme has spread from that one programme in Arizona State Prison to include community programmes in many states and countries

Drugs - Adverse Effects on Educational Performance

Liz Paver, former president of the National Association of Head Teachers writes about the adverse effects of drugs on educational performance.

Peter Stoker talks about drug education

An interview with Peter Stoker, Chairman of the National Drug Prevention Alliance.

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"Drug education has a vital task in countering this, but it will only succeed if it has the goal of abstinence - rather than leaving choices about illegal activities to young people."
Peter Stoker
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