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Narconon Drug Education, Thursday, May 24th

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Drugs - What you can do about it

If you know someone who is taking drugs and can't seem to stop, the NARCONON® programme can help. The Narconon drug-free programme helps get rid of drug cravings by removing the drugs from the person's body.

This is done by a special programme of vitamins, exercise and sauna to produce sweating and taking oils and liquids to replace the fat that is being lost. This highly effective programme has been used successfully for over 35 years to remove drugs from the body and reduce drug cravings.

Once this has been accomplished, the Narconon programme then addresses the reason the person turned to drugs in the first place and handles the underlying problem. The programme is very, very successful because it gets rid of the reasons people take drugs in the first place.

The Narconon programme is based on the research and discoveries of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Narconon centres are open to people of any race, colour, belief or religion.

To find out more about the Narconon programme please click here.

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"Drug education has a vital task in countering this, but it will only succeed if it has the goal of abstinence - rather than leaving choices about illegal activities to young people."
Peter Stoker
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