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Narconon Drug Education, Sunday, June 24th

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Narconon Drug Education

Narconon UK delivers drug education programmes nationally. It's drug education presentations provide people with the truth about drugs, often for the first time. Narconon are dedicated to enlightening people of all ages so they can make the rational decision to live drug free.Narconon Drug Education in Schools

Our professionals, many of whom are former addicts, speak from their own experiences with drugs and give a realistic picture of drug use. We don't just tell kids to "say no"; we educate them to come to that conclusion on their own, and more importantly, show them how to say no and what exactly they are saying no to.

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The Necessity of Drug Prevention and Education

The cost to society of drug abuse and addiction is immense. The work and funds necessary to rehabilitate each individual, though essential, just adds to this liability. While working diligently to help individuals already addicted, it is vital to engage in a worldwide effort to prevent further substance abuse. Our interactive presentations speak to people at their level of understanding. The Narconon drug education programme provides youths and adults alike with the truth about drugs so they can live successful drug free lives.

The Narconon drug education programme does not focus on "harm reduction", nor does it use exaggerations as "scare tactics" to keep kids away from drugs. Narconon focuses on education first and foremost. We know if children are given the truth about drugs, and are given all the information, they can and will make the right decision - a decision they know is the right decision, to live drug-free.

The key points to keeping kids drug free are knowledge, responsibility and control. If children are given the truth about drugs, if they know and understand what drugs are and how using drugs will affect their future, and if they know that they are responsible for their decisions in regards to drugs, they will be responsible for their actions and make the right decision, and control their own lives (and those of their friends) to stay drug free.

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Narconon Drug Education Headlines

The Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Programme

Theory and Background: Illicit drug and alcohol use is a fact of life in today’s society. To use or not to use such substances is a decision which all

Peter Stoker talks about drug education

An interview with Peter Stoker, Chairman of the National Drug Prevention Alliance.

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"Drug education has a vital task in countering this, but it will only succeed if it has the goal of abstinence - rather than leaving choices about illegal activities to young people."
Peter Stoker
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